Cutting edge smart asset management system for managing costly equipment and sensitive inventory. through the use of ibeacon and smart tag technology Tool manager turns any item of inventory or equipment into smart IoT Devices, it then gathers a wide range of information such as: location, availability, maintenance status and hygiene protocols(to name a few). Information is then processed and made available to the user at a glance.

Key Features

  • Decrease staff workloads
  • Modernize inventory oversight and management
  • Improve safety and efficiency, cut costs through data driven structural improvements.

Through the use of big data technology all of the collected information can be further analysed allowing informed structural improvements that give users more insight and control over daily processes.



TOOL MANAGER collects information through the use of smart tags and Ibeacons, Makes that data easily accessible to the user and through holistic integration with big data analytics aids management making informed decisions.


iBeacon is Apple's technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps (running on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly.


Are small flat stickers, hybrids of printed and flexible electronics, which can be easily be applied to any everyday object or piece of equipment, thus turning them into Smart IoT Devices allowing the system to scan and collect information on said objects.


Makes collected information available at a glance in easily readable form.


Processes the data generated from “connected IoT devices” which helps to take the initiative and improve decision making.


Tool manager is a collaborative project between three SME's (2MEngineering, 5M Software and UV Smart), the project is being developed by experts in the fields of both IoT and data management.


Tool-Manager is especially effective solution for hospital environment. With the increase in workload and staffing issues, hospital institutions are looking for innovative ways to relieve staff and make time available for patient care. Use of an (IoT) Tool manager which makes work processes automatically measurable and traceable is innovative and a desirable relief for the nursing staff in particular.


When picking up a medical device with a tag, the user can immediately read the status: is this device ready and safe for medical use? In addition to locating the tool and reading the status, the disinfection status is added for hospital use.

Without the need for complex administrative system, the hospital staff can get all the necessary information via an app in real time and at a glance, without losing valuable time.


Four acclaimed medical institutions have already Agreed to collaborate on the Tool Manager project

Spaarne Gasthuis in Haarlem

VU Medical Center

Burns Center of the Red Cross Hospial Beverwijk

Radboud UMC

With their assistance tool manager is being tested and refined


In this project, the ambitions of the top sectors Life Sciences &Health and High Tech Systems and Materials come together in a single solution.


Since in this area there are currently no suitable alternatives to our system we are expecting great interest from the health care sector.


First version of tool manager will be developed for application in hospitals, because the need for the efficiency in the workplace is most urgent there.


Although tool manager is a perfect solution for hospitals, the system can be a great asset in any industry where there is a need to track costly equipment and inventory. Laboratories, Airports and manufacturing industries are good examples.


BIG DATA analysis for prolonged periods of time can lead to recognizing patterns that may lead to significant innovations to industries in which tool-manager is applied.


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